It takes one person to make a difference in a young person’s life. We all have the power to support a young person to speak out and access support with their mental health. Educate people to find out more and to think differently about mental health and mental health conditions and act against the stigma it carries. Give people real actions that they can take to support young people to get the help they need and to change minds about mental health.
Give people real actions that they can take to support young people.
Raise awareness of how mental health conditions can feel to real people who experience these problems to assist in creating an understanding of it from another perspective.
Raise awareness amongst young people about the importance of finding someone you can trust and who you can speak to in a time of need.
We are all responsible for looking out for each other. 
It is important to be able to speak to someone about the way you are feeling.
It is equally important that we can reach out to others who we may suspect are not feeling their best.
Insight furthered
A simple conversation is the start of an understanding.
Talking about how we are feeling is a big step.
Talking about mental health in general is the first step towards ridding the stigma surrounding it.

Concept Developed
Thoughts and feelings commonly felt by those who are suffering from poor mental health.
The construction of this poster shows initially the thought/feeling of the person suffering. The original statement is then overlapped by a secondary one which completely alters the message of the poster into a positive one.
 This shows the concepts of 'a few words can make a big difference'. 
We are all responsible for each other. Sometimes the person suffering will need need you to take the first step in reaching out and other times they will be brave enough to be able to do that on their own.
The poster campaign is targeted at all of us - those of us who are feeling these feelings, and those of us who know someone who may be feeling these feelings.
I have created a series of posters made up in the same way.
Campaign furthered
Sometimes just knowing that someone else has felt the way you are feeling is comforting. Knowing that someone has gone through what you're going through but has managed to pull through. With this idea in mind I have just taken the positive messages from the original posters and created small stickers from them.

These can then be distributed in odd or unusual places which will be noticed by the right people, hopefully at the right time. Even if it isn' the right time, they will hopefully be remembered and will give someone that extra strength when they need it most. 
Campaign Aims
The campaign is simple. Mental health problems can be very complex, but I think that they are over complicated by the stigma which surrounds them. I believe that simple actions and the right kind of care is key in overcoming both the stigma.
I believe we are all responsible for our own mental health and caring for those around us too and I think that this campaign has highlighted that in the simplest possible way.
The campaign aspires to get people thinking and ultimately to get them talking and remember...
A few words can make a big difference.

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